My name is Leonid Uljankin I am 33 years old and I like what I do because it makes a difference to a better in other people lives. I like to travel by car, play ice-hockey and squash and help people to transform their work and life environments to one where they feel needed and appreciated. Because when we see that our work actually matters we do a better job, and I believe, we become then just a little bit more happy ;) Changing your habits can be a very difficult task but one can only succeed if you try and try again.




Vladimirs Ivanovs (40), have realised that I am the “fox” and as philosopher Isaiah Berlin puts it “the fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing”. Since then I’ve started to form teams with the “hedgehog focus”. is a perfect hedgehog, as is formed by the practitioners for the practitioners around one big thing – Agile (closely connected to Lean and Kanban).
I love exploring cross-cultural differences and travel, so I do that in a form of “workations” – public speaking on conferences + site seeing. Events are not only Agile related (also IPMA, PMI, itSMF, IT) in the following countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, India.




My name is Ivo Peksens (36) and I have managed to change myself dramatically over the several past years, now helping others in doing the same. The change was in preparation for a long time, but it happened after I read a book “Finding Your Element” by K. Robinson. It was literally a revelation of myself for myself that I am ‘in my element’ when, put simply, I facilitate other people. This is really what I love doing and currently am doing as a Scrum Master. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a group of people becoming a team that makes a change that matters both – to themselves and outside. Apart, I also facilitate my family, like different ball based games, reading, listening to music and improvising on piano as well as sometimes leaving country for widening the worldview.









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